We’re all Aussie homeowners. And one of our constant worries is about how long do hot water systems last. After all, a hot shower or bath or a steaming pile of dishes is a crucial part of our happy daily life, but we only ever take it for granted once something goes BANG! Cold showers as the cold season approaches? No thanks! Massive unexpected bills amid a cost of living crisis! No way!

How long does a hot water system last, really?

How long do solar hot water systems last? No, take a deep breath because it doesn’t matter what type of hot water system you have. How often do you wonder how long do electric hot water systems last? Or gas. Or solar. Or heat pump? No matter the technology, age or type, there are plenty of factors that are relevant here. Usage. Maintenance. Environmental conditions in Sydney and beyond. Because no, it’s not just a simple question of time. That’s why we’ve diving deeper into understanding how long do gas hot water systems last – and the rest of them! We use all sorts of hot water systems in Sydney and beyond, so let’s seek both peace of mind and a plan for the future:

1. What type of system do you have?

This factor can be a big deal, because while electric and gas systems typically last 10-15 years, solar and heat pump models can last a little longer. So make yours long as long as it can, regularly check and clean the components specific to your system type – and by that, we mean clearing those solar panels or checking the anode in electric models. Need help? Jump to the bottom of this blog!

2. What’s your water quality?

You should also know about the quality of your tap water. If you live in a region with particularly hard water, that can really start to build up scale in your system. What does that mean? We’re talking about reduced efficiency and lifespan. To help things, install a water softener or get your system regularly descaled to mitigate the effects.

3. How often is that system used?

If you’re really stressing your hot water system, be aware that wear and tear is only being accelerated. So watch that hot water usage, and before you do that make sure that the size of your hot water system is enough to accommodate your household’s needs.

4. What’s your maintenance routine?

A bit lazy with maintenance? We all are, but if you keep up with that upkeep, you keep total system failure at bay. Schedule an annual inspection, get that maintenance done, and flush the tank. And check the pressure relief valves!


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5. Are there environmental factors?

Yes, there are definitely environmental factors! It could be harsh weather or heavy hail, but no matter how cold or hot it gets, it matters when it comes to the system’s durability. Are your external components protected by insulation or weatherproof covers? Have you asked a local Sydney plumber about adequate ventilation for the indoor and outdoor units?

DIY VS professional hot water system maintenance

Understand these factors deeply, and homeowners are on the way to extending the life of their hot water systems. From a complex issue to regular maintenance, seeking affordable and professional help is the most obvious answer here. Rapid Service Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing services in Sydney, including emergency plumbing, blocked drain solutions, gas fitting, hot water systems and more. Give us a call today.