Do you love your daily hot shower or bath? You’re not alone – and there’s no need to be embarrassed about it because we all feel the same! Steaming hot water feels like just as much of a human right as anything else that is essential for a comfortable, convenient life. Although entirely subjective, most people report that the loveliest temperature for that daily wash & relax is somewhere in the region of 38 to 43 degrees – but there are definitely some regulations to know about here in New South Wales as well. So let’s take a deep dive into the rules surrounding hot water temperature NSW-wide. But before we do, you may be wondering about it because:

In these cases it could be a problem with your hot water system leaking or otherwise in need of repair. Maybe your hot water system size is inadequate or there’s another issue with settings or pipes.

Regardless, you don’t need to put up with it when there’s a Sydney emergency plumber at Rapid Service Plumbing standing by! So, what temperature should your hot water be and why?

Hot water temperature regulations NSW

In part, the ideal hot water temperature is about looking after your hot water system and preventing the growth of harmful Salmonella and Legionella – which is why your system stores that hot water at least at 60-65°C.

But at that temperature, children, the elderly and other vulnerable people – and even the rest of us – are at an unacceptable risk of scalding. That’s where thermostatic mixing valves come in, which automatically blend that searing hot water with cold water to achieve a safe and still-comfortable temperature whilst still minimising bacteria growth.

Temperature of hot water full Q&A

So what do you really need to know about the rules regarding hot water system temperature in NSW? We’ve heard all your questions, and here are all the answers:

Q: What is the maximum recommended temperature for residential settings?

To keep it simple, the hot water tap temperature needs to be 50C for most run-of-the-mill residential settings.

Q: Is this the same for everywhere in Australia?

Basically, yes. But, you should definitely check what the specific rules are in your particular state, although 50°C is a basic standard country-wide.

Q: Why is 50°C the ideal temperature for hot water from taps?

Well, at 65-70°C, a full-thickness scald occurs in less than one second – and hot water burns are considered some of the worst possible. At 60°C, it takes 5 seconds to similarly harm yourself with a third-degree burn, which can result in:

  • Extensive tissue damage that will not heal on its own
  • Loss of sensation/nerve damage
  • Scarring & disfigurement requiring skin grafts or surgery
  • Heightened infection risk
  • Long-term impairments & need for rehabilitation

But at 50°C, it takes five minutes of constant exposure to produce the same kind of damage.

Q: Are there any hot water temperature standards other than 50°C?

Yes – for child care centres and preschools in NSW, as well as primary and secondary schools, nursing homes and other facilities like that, the maximum is actually 43.5°C.

Q: How are these precise temperatures achieved?

We’ve referred already to thermostatic mixing valves, but there are other tempering valves that can do the job. Also, some hot water systems are pre-manufactured with max temperatures of 50°C.

Q: Who can install these devices for me?


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