Ah, that dreaded moment when you hit the flush button, expecting everything to vanish in a whirlpool of triumph and science – and it simply doesn’t work out that way. Instead, you’re met with the stubborn refusal of that toilet paper (and its less mentionable companions) to bid a final farewell, leaving you in a flush of frustration and embarrassment. Toilet not flushing properly? Don’t fret, because you’ve stumbled upon the right spot – our ultimate troubleshooting guide is here.

Why is my toilet not flushing? First, don’t panic!

So how are we going to handle this? Well, as you can imagine, our Sydney toilet plumbers stare into a lot of misbehaving toilets and cisterns, so we can swiftly navigate you through the murky waters of a toilet not fully flushing. But before we get out our tools, the owners of these porcelain thrones ask us the questions. And right here and right now, we provide all of the answers for every flush faux pas!:

1. Why is the toilet paper not flushing?

Everything seems fine, but nothing really goes down, right? Often, if the toilet paper won’t flush (not to mention everything else!), it’s because you have a habit of using too much paper per flush, and it’s caused a blockage. You may even have been trying to flush non-flushables like feminine hygiene products, but the plunger could do the trick to fix it.

2. How come my toilet’s flush seems weaker than usual?

A weak flush can be due to low water levels in the tank. Open the cistern up – it’s not hard – and ensure the water level is about 2-3cm below the overflow tube. Check around the base and look for and water running into the bowl to ensure your cistern leaking is not the issue.

3. Why does my toilet not flush fully or empty the bowl completely?

Ah, that could be a problem with the flapper. It’s that rubber valve at the bottom of the tank, which lifts to release water into the bowl during a flush and then seals back up to refill it. If it can’t release enough water for a powerful flush, give it a once-over and check for wear or damage.

4. My toilet is flushing so slowly. What’s up?

Toilet not flushing fully – or just really, really slowly? Mineral build-up in the holes under the rim or in the siphon jet can be a reasonably simple explanation for a slowed-down flush. Get out an old toothbrush and some white vinegar and see what you can do.

5. My toilet keeps flush all by itself!?

In the plumbing business, we often call this ‘ghost flushing’ and the culprit can be the flapper once again, allowing water to seep into the bowl and trigger a full flush. You’ll need to check for leaks but that flapper probably needs replacing.

6. Why isn’t anything happening when I press for a flush?

Nothing happening at all when you press that button – literally nothing? It can seem like a catastrophic problem, but it could just be a loose or broken handle, and that’s always fixable by your local plumber in Sydney. Also, just check that handle is securely connected to the flush mechanism, as that can be a super-quick fix.

7. Why does my toilet gurgle when I flush it?

Oh, that could be a blocked vent pipe. You’ll need to call your plumber!


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8. My toilet is brand new! Why isn’t it flushing properly?

Do you have one of those modern, low-flow toilets? Perhaps you’re simply not holding the handle down long enough to release enough water for a full, complete flush. You’re welcome! If only every problem was that easy to fix!

Toilet not flushing completely still? Call a Pro!

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