Spotting a huge spider or a menacing-looking rat is pretty scary, but so too is a sudden blackout or a light fitting crashing to the flood in the dead of the night. But do you know what’s even scarier when you’re at home? The whiff of gas. If your home is experiencing a gas leak, do you know what to do?

Gas leak – What to do

  • Do you smell rotten eggs?: That could be the additive called mercaptan, which is deliberately added to LPG and natural gas to make you worried.
  • Do you hear hissing or whistling or see hazy air?: That could be the alarming sounds and sights of escaping gas from a gas appliance, pipe or connection.
  • Has part of your garden died?: That could be an underground gas line experiencing a leak, causing discolouration or death of vegetation and plants.
  • Do you feel unwell?: A very slow gas leak can be impossible to detect until there’s enough in the air and your lungs to cause physical symptoms like headaches, dizziness, nausea or even difficulty breathing – and worse.

Gas leak in house what to do – 10 steps to follow

If you’ve got even a sneaking suspicion that gas could be leaking, it’s important not to panic – but you absolutely must act urgently and immediately. Do the right things and you, your home or building, and your family or clients will be just fine:

1. Act quickly & calmly

While you absolutely must not panic, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to act quickly and with purpose. So tell yourself that everything will be ok – and then let’s urgently proceed.

2. Evacuate

It’s important to get out of there – now. If you have time, open every door and window for ventilation, but otherwise, just make sure that all the people and pets leave as soon as humanly possible.

3. No flames or sparks

The absolutely worst thing you can do around leaking gas is to create even a single spark – because the next thing that could happen is a giant ‘KABOOM!’ That means not even turning on a switch, using any electrical equipment – even a phone.

4. Turn off the power

If you have time, turn off the mains electrical power. But if you don’t have time, just get to a safe location away from the property and wait for help.

Gas leak – Who to call in a gas leak

Now that you’re away from the property at a safe distance, and clear of any potential explosions, flames or gas fumes that may harm you and others, it’s time to call for professional help. Want to know what numbers to call?

5. Call emergency services

If you need police, fire or medical assistance right now, there’s no number to call except 000.

6. Non-emergency police assistance

If you still think the police need to know about your situation but no one’s life is in immediate peril, the number to call is 131 444.

7. 1800 GAS LEAK

You should also report a gas leak, especially if you can still smell it in the street or beyond your own home, by calling 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532). Don’t worry, you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

8. Call your gas provider

There are multiple gas providers in and around Sydney, so whip out a gas bill and call the one that is relevant to your property. If they have a customer service or emergency contact number, that’s the one to call.

9. Call local authorities

If you’re at a loss or need help from your local authorities or government agencies to report a gas problem, try the New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment – or the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW.

10. Call your neighbours

It’s also a good idea to give your neighbours a courtesy call to let them know what’s going on, or your property management authorities or landlord if you’re in a shared or rented property.


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