People all over the world need a roof over their heads. But that’s doubly true for your beloved and valuable home, as that roof keeps the harsh elements out, maintains the structural integrity of the building, and contributes to its energy efficiency, security, privacy and look. Even well-designed, high quality and perfectly installed roofs, however, are subject to roof damage over time.

Is your roofing damage getting to the point where it definitely needs to be taken care of? If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to get a professional to give it a proper check and promplty address leaking roof repairs.

  • Got a leak or see water stains?
  • Roof elements missing, cracked or corroded?
  • Noticing mould, mildew or rot?
  • Finding tile fragments in the gutters?
  • Roof flashing loose or damaged?
  • Roof visibly uneven or sagging?
  • Is your roof more than 20 years old?

Are you dealing with a damaged roof?

If your roof is on the old side, it’s likely wear & tear has simply caught up with it – although even an older roof that’s still performing may be due for an aesthetic or energy-efficient update. But, unfortunately, there’s a lot more than simple ageing that batters your all-important roof including:

1. The weather

Every roof in New South Wales or elsewhere in this sunburned land gets blasted with heat and UV light year-round – but colder temperatures, heavy rain, wind and hail also batter our roofs each and every year.

2. Poor maintenance

How often have you had a professional roof inspection? These sorts of checks are designed to address minor issues before they can actually materially damage your roof, clog your gutters, or disturb the ventilation systems – and the end result can be the exposure of the overall integrity of your roof.

3. Poor installation

It’s also possible that your roof was extra susceptible to damage from the get-go, as proper installation is a must for that roof’s effectiveness and longevity. Perhaps the seals weren’t done right or other roof components were badly installed – and that led to water infiltration, leaks and premature damage.

4. Trees & storms

Do trees overhang your roof? If so, a flow of falling branches – even little ones – can damage it, while all the debris clogs up gutters and drainage systems. But in a major storm, these damaging effects are supercharged.

5. Wildlife

Did you know that simply having trees close to your roof can accelerate the growth of damaging moss, mould and algae – and damage your roof surface? Animals also threaten your roof’s integrity, from birds to rodents to possums to insects, all of which nibble, nest and chew and damage those roof materials.

6. Bad ventilation

Are you sure your roof ventilation systems are working well? If not, heat, moisture and condensation can build up in the roof space and wreak havoc on the roof structure and materials – as well as your insulation.


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We’ll deal with your roof problems for you

But wait – there is some good news! All of these issues can be minimised with regular roof inspections, proper maintenance, prompt repairs of minor issues, well-devised ventilation, quality installation and regular cleaning. And the even better news is that Rapid Service Plumbing is your friendly Sydney roof plumber who can handle it all and even more including:

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