It’s not hard to spot a blocked bathtub drain. After a bath, you pull the plug – and not a lot happens at all! But maybe a blocked bath is simply looming. Perhaps you can hear weird gurgling, or something smells off. Discovering a bath drain blocked can really ruin your day, but before calling a Sydney plumber, there are a few things you might like to try first:

6 ways to unblock a bath drain

So let’s give this a go! Make sure you’re at least a little bit handy with some do-it-yourself plumbing – and now let’s get stuck in.

1. Use your hand

If your first reaction is ‘ew’, move further down the list. But all too often, it’s just a giant lump of gross scum, hair and soap – so pull it out!

2. Use a coat hanger

Your local blocked drain plumber has all the right tools and equipment – but occasionally, all you need to do is straighten out a wire coat hanger. Make sure the hook is at the bottom, poke it down the plughole, give it a twist and see how much gunk you can fish out.

3. Use a plunger

You might actually like to try this at #2, but we assume that maybe you’d done it before you tried anything else. Ensure it’s a ‘cup’ plunger that is appropriate for any standard bathroom drain blocked by gunk, and:

  • Make sure the cup is submerged in water
  • Block any other nearby drain openings if possible
  • Keep the plunger handle vertical for a perfect seal
  • Don’t give up at least for a few minutes of hard work!

4. Use a drain snake

Again, your trusty plumber will have much better gear than this. But you can grab a hand-held, non-motorised plumber’s snake (or auger) from the hardware store very cheaply, and – unlike the coat hanger – it’s actually designed precisely for this purpose.

5. Use baking soda

Actually, mix it up with white vinegar and the fizzy result can loosen the gross bathroom drainage blockage just enough for it to work its way down the pipes. Follow up with an almost-boiling full kettle of very hot water.

6. Use harsh chemicals

We mention this one with hesitation because chemical drain cleaners not necessarily very good for your drains or for you, but they can certainly be more powerful than baking soda. Just remember to be super-careful and sparing with the harsh chemicals.


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