How many times have you been told that Sydney tap water is “perfectly safe to drink?” If your answer is “quite a lot”, consider this: the word “perfectly” is a pretty strong one! Because while you’re certainly not going to keel over with your next sip of water from the tap, there’s not really any doubt that you can taste chlorine, is there? So today we’re going to probe a critical question: Is Sydney tap water safe to drink?

First, the good news. All of the tap water supplied to homes in this country is subject to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, which concerns itself with just how much fiddling with your tap water the authorities can do. The fine print is that the guidelines are in fact “not mandatory”, even though Sydney Water – the statutory supplier of Sydney drinking water – reassures us that the filtering it does is in compliance with the guidelines.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Sydney?

The global water advisory authority, meanwhile, deviates from the ‘perfectly safe’ narrative to inform us that Sydney tap water is in fact “generally safe to drink”. And while our water is certainly comparable to the safest tap water in the world, the same organisation admits that there is no guarantee that it doesn’t contain “a number of pollutants and contaminants”.

At the same time, Sydney Water tells us that it tests Sydney tap water quality in laboratories for “70 different characteristics” – including taste, smell, colour, chemicals and microorganisms. The Sydney tap water analysis is carried out all the way from the sources, like lakes and rivers, all the way to your tap – and according to NSW Health, “there is no such thing as naturally pure water”.

That’s certainly true. In those rivers and dams and other water sources, NSW Health says Sydney’s water “dissolves or absorbs a range of substances” – most of which are “harmless”. Even so, the fact that some of them may not be perfectly harmless is precisely why Sydney tap water has been filtered with chlorine before it gets into your glass in the kitchen.

Sydney Water and NSW Health also admit that fluoride is added to Sydney tap water to guard against tooth decay, while the sorts of floods we’re seeing lately often coincide with outbreaks of E.coli, blue-green algae – and that if you’re worried, you should boil your water before consuming it.

Where does Sydney get its water from?

Rainwater in five catchment areas of Sydney (Warragamba, Shoalhaven, Upper Nepean, Woronora and Blue Mountains) flows into many creeks and rivers that supply 11 major dams. The combined capacity is 2.6 million megalitres! More than 80% of Sydney’s water comes The massive Warragamba Dam supplies around 80% of Sydney’s water and is treated at the Prospect water filtration plant.

Thinking about water filter installation?

Heard enough? Sure, you could go your entire life drinking tap water Sydney wide and never run into trouble – but on the other hand, you could play it safe and order the best possible water filter installation known to man! In Australia, that just so happens to be reverse osmosis water filter technology – and here are 4 reasons to consider getting one fitted asap:

1. No tap water is pure

Your water may look pure, but it isn’t necessarily. The water in your glass has just travelled a long way through pipelines that could be full of contaminants – and a water filter works hard to remove them all at the point of use.

2. Save money

If you’re worried about contaminants and solved the problem by drinking expensive bottled water, then water filter installation will pay for itself in no time. And as an added bonus, you stop being part of the problem of discarded plastic.

3. Bye-bye chlorine

Chlorine is a great way to disinfect water – but it’s not exactly designed for human consumption! So it makes sense that your water benefits from chlorine disinfecting BEFORE you drink it, which will require point-of-use filtration. As an added bonus, the filter will also get rid of harmful lead, which was used to solder drinking water pipes until 1989.


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4. Better taste

Are you one of the thousands of Sydneysiders who notice every day that typical Sydney tap water taste – a little like chlorine or metal? Say bye-bye to that, as well as any odours.

We’ll help make your Sydney tap water safe!

Whether you’re in older suburbs like Double Bay, Birchgrove and Lane Cove or newer estates of Greenacre, Wahroonga or Gymea Bay – old piping leading to your house and contaminants can be a real concern. If you’re worried about your Sydney tap water, did you know Rapid Service Plumbing can get the latest water filter technology up and running at your place this week? Enjoy every sip by not taking a single chance, and give our friendly team of Sydney plumbers a call any time.