3 metres x 2 metres – that’s the average size for a bathroom in Sydney. At 6 square metres, that may sound small, but it’s actually enough to fit in a toilet, shower, vanity and cabinetry – and even a bath as well if you really need it! But it’s very possible that you have a bathroom space that is actually quite a bit smaller than that – and it can most definitely feel extremely squeezy without some of the smartest small bathroom ideas incorporated into the design.

The best small bathroom ideas in Sydney

But without even throwing out any of the basic amenities, fixtures and luxurious features you need in there, a small bathroom design can actually feel a lot roomier simply by renovating in adherence to some basic techniques for a real-life illusion of space. Here’s how:

1. Light colours

Stay away from the dark and bold colours that draw attention to the confined size and create a cramped atmosphere, and instead and make your tiny bathroom designs light, neutral, bright and open all around.

2. Natural light

You don’t need extra room to add a bigger window or a big, bright skylight, with all that extra natural light creating an airy and open atmosphere. For the window coverings, make them sheer or translucent if possible.

3. Artificial light

Light, light, light – the best small bathroom designs have a lot of light, whether natural or artificial. Get rid of the dark shadows and create an illusion of depth with targeted, task and accent lighting – with recessed lights adding extra space.

4. Mirrors

For a true illusion of space, you can never go wrong with mirrors. Make them large, multiple, and near the light sources as they magically open up space beyond the walls and bounce light all over the place.

5. Wall-mounted fixtures

In every way you can, opt for wall-mounted bathroom fixtures if possible. That goes for the toilets, the vanities, the cabinets and everything else – because it frees up floor space, creates a sense of openness, and eliminates the feeling of clutter.

6. Glass or open showers

For the shower, go for glass rather than frosted or a curtain. But an even better solution among these bathroom ideas for small bathrooms is to consider an open or doorless shower, which if designed well doesn’t need a screen at all.

7. Minimalism

If you can live without a bath, give it a miss. In fact, get rid of as much as you can as a general principle, including accessories, storage, furniture and purely decorative or luxury elements – because pure stylish functionality and open and clear sightlines are much better than an overwhelmed and cluttered space.

8. Smart storage

For the storage you will have, stay away from bulky cabinets or vanities and opt for open shelving or recessed storage niches.

9. Vertical design

Wherever you can add tall, vertical lines to your small bathroom ideas to draw the eyes upwards and create an illusion of height – like vertical stripes in the wall art or tall, slender fixtures such as floor-to-ceiling storage.

10. Continuity

Consider the same design for both the floors, walls and even the ceiling – a simple, seamless and visually-striking trick that tricks the eyes into thinking they’re looking at a much bigger space thanks to the elimination of boundaries.

11. Sliding doors

Create extra usable space by installing sliding rather than the usual swinging doors.


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