It’s a question we hear all the time – Do downpipes have to be connected to stormwater by law or regulation? We all know that local rules can be complicated and strict, so we want to do the right thing – but unfortunately, the answer is a little muddy and depends on specific council bylaws and circumstances. Generally, the answer is yes – connecting downpipe to stormwater is required, so that your stormwater is effectively managed and flooding and damage to your and neighbouring properties is minimised.

Do downpipes have to be connected to stormwater NSW?

As for the specific regulations, permits or approvals that apply to your particular circumstances, that’s something your local Sydney plumber can help you with.

But if you’re asking whether downpipes connecting to stormwater is a good idea, the answer is easy – most definitely yes!:

1. It’s just proper stormwater management

If that water has nowhere to go except into your stormwater drainage system, you won’t ever need to worry about water damage, flooding, erosion, and foundation damage.

2. Your property won’t be damaged

The primary reason for connecting downpipes to stormwater drains directly is to look after your foundation or other vulnerable areas of your own and surrounding properties.

3. Your landscaping won’t be damaged

You love your gardens, lawns and plant beds, right? Well, to look after them and keep them looking great, a direct downpipe connection is the ideal solution.

4. You won’t deal with soil erosion

When stormwater runoff is uncontrolled, the soil has no chance to get washed away and creating deep and serious erosion issues. The stability and quality of the soil surrounding your property are effectively guaranteed with a direct stormwater connection.

5. It’s safer

Pooling water is a major problem for various reasons, but one of them is to prevent slips and falls.

6. It makes rainwater harvesting easy

Why not direct your stormwater from the roof to your gutters, downpipes and straight into a rainwater tank – with all of the various and numerous benefits?

7. It’s just the responsible thing to do

You like being a responsible member of your community, don’t you? Ensuring your stormwater is impeccably managed protects local waterways, reduces the risk of pollution, and contributes to the overall well-being of the entire local community.


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So how’s it done? Bear in mind that the specific installation process suitable for your particular building structure, materials, local regulations and preferences may differ – but your plumber will basically:

  • Plan & prepare by looking at the downpipe outlet locations and desired path
  • Cut the outlet on the fascia/eaves
  • Install the downpipe, connect the various sections, and fasten for stability
  • Create the stormwater connection by locating the connection point, determining the connection type, and ensuring a watertight connection
  • Test and adjust the final product by checking for leaks, adjusting the alignment, making modifications, and securing the fasteners/brackets.

Connecting a downpipe to stormwater with our help

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